How to Join

New members are always welcome at City of Canberra Squadron.

Who can join?

Girls and boys 8 years and older are welcome to join Canberra Squadron.

We encourage new members to come along for a few weeks (for free) before they commit to joining the squadron.
Adult volunteers join as officers. Please contact the OC to discuss this option.

If our squadron doesn’t suit you, there may be another squadron that does. We also get on well with the other aviation youth organisations in Canberra, the Air Scouts and Air Force Cadets, and some cadets choose to join them as well.

How to find us

We meet on Tuesdays (during school terms) from 7pm to 8:30pm, on the Fairbairn side of Canberra Airport.

What to expect

On Tuesday nights we learn about aviation, practise drill (marching) and work on projects (such as model aeroplanes).
The Air League education program covers a wide range of subjects related to aviation as well as other general knowledge topics. The core subjects are called General Proficiency (GP). You will start on GP6, which covers basic aviation topics. As you learn more, you will get to do specialist education subjects like: Theory of Flight, Meteorology, Aero Engines, Aircraft Construction, Navigation and Aircraft Radio.

The first time you visit, your parents will need to sign a permission form.

What to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Pen or pencil
  • Bag or folder
  • Warm clothes


We are able to keep these costs to a minimum due to the efforts of our hard-working volunteers and some occasional financial support from other generous organisations.

Joining Fee

The joining fee is $80.

Term fees

The term fees are $90 per term.
These fees include most books for the education subjects, fees to Group Headquarters and some aero-modelling materials.


A new cadet uniform costs approximately $200. Second-hand uniform items are also available.

Other costs

There are additional costs for flying and camps.

Still have questions…

If you’d like any more information please get in touch.