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How to get your GP6 badge

General Proficiency 6 (GP6) is the first badge you will do in the Australian Air League. You will learn some really basic things about aeroplanes and the Air League.

To get the GP6 badge you need to do three things:

  • practise questions
  • scrapbook
  • exam

Your instructor will explain all these to you.

Practise questions

These are the questions in your workbook. You need to answer all these questions. Then your instructor will check them to make sure you understand what you have learnt. If you get them all right you will get 10 marks.


You need to find pictures of aeroplanes. You can get these pictures out of magazines, from the Internet or use photos you have taken. It doesn't really matter where you get them from, you can even draw them if you want. Get at least three pictures, but five is better.

Stick the pictures into an exercise book or scrapbook, or print them out and put them in a folder.

Then you need to write a description of the aeroplane in each picture. Your description should include things like:

  • How many wings does it have? - monoplane (1 wing), biplane (2 wings)
  • Is it high-wing, mid-wing or low-wing?
  • How many engines does it have?
  • What sort of engines does it have? - jet or piston (include more information if you can)
  • What sort of undercarriage does it have? - tricycle, tail-wheel, float, ski

The scrapbook is really easy. If you do a good job you will get another 10 marks.


Before you do the exam you need to do the practise questions and the scrapbook. Then the squadron education officer will order your exam for you. It usually takes two weeks for the exam to arrive.

The GP6 exam has multiple choice questions and questions where you have to match pictures to words. You will have seen these types of questions in your workbook. If you are a junior cadet (ages 8 to 11) your exam will have more picture questions. If you are 12 or older, your exam will have less pictures and more words. In any case, the GP6 exam is very easy if you have listened in class and read the workbook.

Some hints

  • Bring a pen or pencil
  • Remember to write your full name on the exam. If your name is John Flynn then write John Flynn. Don't just write John, there is more than one John in the Air League.
  • Make sure you answer every question. Choose the answer you think is best. If you really have no idea then just guess.
  • Remember the NCO and officer ranks. This is a good way to get easy marks in all the General Proficiency exams. Use the rank flashcards to practise. You don't need to know every rank for GP6, just check your workbook to see which ones you need.

Your first badge

After you finish the exam, the squadron education officer will send it away to be marked. Then a couple of weeks later your badge will arrive.

An officer will present you with the GP6 badge at one of the parades. When he calls your name, come to attention and march out to the officer. Salute the officer (he will salute back) then take one step forward. The officer will shake your hand and give you your badge. Remember to shake hands with your right hand and take the badge with your left hand. Take one step back and salute again. Then do a right turn and march back to your position.

You will need to sew your new badge onto your shirt. Check the Information Book to make sure you sew it in the correct spot.

Congratulations on finishing your first badge. The things you learnt in GP6 will be the basis of everything else you do in aviation. Now you can start on GP5 or one of the many other Air League subjects.

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Page updated: 24 November 2017